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aSmarterWay to live

About aSmarterWay.life

aSmarterWay.life is simply that, its sole purpose is to help create aSmarterWay to live, aSmarterWay to function, and aSmarterWay to be.  There is no right answer but there is aSmarterWay.

Everyday each of us has the opportunity to be better than we were the day before, by taking what we learned yesterday and building on it today.  As human beings we are always learning; it is what we do.  aSmarterWay.life is dedicated to helping society learn, helping society be smarter.

Simply put, aSmarterWay.life is about creating a better world to live in but it starts with each one of us enjoying our life.

There are many ways to do all of this but before one gets distracted and then overwhelmed, remember start with one simple goal and build from there.  Do one thing in your life aSmarterWay.

This site is dedicated to helping people find aSmarterWay to live their lives and therefore make the world a better place.  It is dedicated to encouraging Innovation, encouraging people to Dream, and encouraging the Challenging of the Status Quo!


Justin Ferguson, Founder

Justin Ferguson is the founder of aSmarterWay.life, which he developed to help people better both themselves and society as a whole, simply by living aSmarterWay. Mr. Ferguson prides himself on believing that no goal is too challenging and takes this ideology into every situation, whether it is running a marathon, raising money for charity, or understanding new approaches.

Justin believes that the more we learn, the more we innovative, the more we dream, and the more we challenge the status quo, the smarter we will be and the better off the world will be because of it.  In founding aSmarterWay his plan is to add to the discussion around better ways to live and ultimately help people.

“In life, knowledge allows us to make progress, progress allows us to change, and change allows us to create aSmarterWay to live” Justin Ferguson, Founder, aSmarterWay.life

Justin is a communications professional and the Principal of Cosmos Strategies.  He spends his free time volunteering, training for marathons, supporting charities, gaining knowledge, and sharing insights.

“The future will be defined by how capable we are to innovate” – Justin Ferguson, Founder, aSmarterWay.life

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